Tuesday, June 5, 2007

White House Response to Khadr Ruling

The White House, today, issued a response to the Khadr ruling saying that it disagreed with the judge's decision. Judge Brownback's ruling seems to have also spurred a similar ruling later on yesterday by another judge in looking at a case brought against Salim Ahmed Hamdan.

The article appears to confirm that On the Docket's suspicions are right about the refiling of Khadr's charges. The article reads:

"'Judge Brownback did not question that the military commission would constitute the appropriate forum in which to try a member of al-Qaeda for alleged war crimes,' said Maj. Beth Kubala, a spokeswoman for the Office of Military Commissions. "He determined that, as a technical matter, the existing CSRT definition was not identical to the definition under the MCA."

Military officials said yesterday that they could restart the tribunal process to allow them to add the word 'unlawful' to their records. Officials maintained, however, that the tribunals have largely concluded that the detainees are members of al-Qaeda or other terrorist groups and therefore their battlefield actions are inherently unlawful. Khadr will not be released following the decision."

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